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Tempomails.com we are the No.1 ultimate solution for anti-spam! When using this wonderful platform, you should forget about spam, promotional mails, hacking and attacking robots. With us, your real mailbox is clean and safe. Tempomails.com gives you a disposable email address and there is no need to register before accessing our services.

Meaning of Disposable Email

The purpose of disposal email is a service that enables getting email at a temporary address that expires after certain period. The original benefits of disposal email offered on this platform is that it allows you to register at forums, Wi-Fi owners, website and blogs requesting a visitor to register before accessing their content, like posting a comment and downloading something. That why in such critical situations, our advanced system is design to help you avoid spam and protect your identity online.

Why did you need Tempomails.com?

 When we first discovered that an anonymous email exists, we did not fully recognize the importance of it until now! Now what is the difference between a regular email and anonymous email, if both are free to sign up? The ONLY difference between a regular email and anonymous is that with regular email you are supposed to register before you can get your email and so you would provide them with your personal information and your email address would not be deleted. However, when using anonymous email you do not need to register or give out your personal information and but your auto generated email address would be deleted in days.

Why should you choose us?

Tempomails.com, our platform is design with wonderful features that would amaze you. Here you can create Random disposal email address, Custom email address of your choice. A proactive Inbox for replying and receiving emails at your convenience. Tempomails.com is made-up of a powerful live support desk, Multi Lingual support of 8 languages, and so you can contact us for any assistance in case you need any help. Enjoy our platform today and stay safe online today.

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